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Four factors influencing the dry state of ecological wood

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  According to the market analysis of ecological wood dry state factors are 4:
  1, the initial moisture content of raw materials, different species of wood moisture content is also different.
  2, shavings shape, usually in the shavings drying, is required to plan the size and shape of the same as possible.
  3, the external conditions of the dryer, if the dryer around the air humidity and temperature changes, it should adjust the dryer inlet temperature, so that dry shavings moisture content to meet the requirements.
  4, the dryer feeding device, because the tree species, particle size, moisture content is different, making the wood particle density changes, affecting the quality of drying. The moisture content has a great influence on the quality of the ecological board. We should find the reason to reduce the water content as much as possible. We should have high requirements on the storage time and storage environment of the ecological wood after drying.

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