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History of China 's Wood Processing Industry

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  Wood processing is a process of making wood and wood materials a certain force to make it a useful wood products. (Wood chippers), cementation, finishing, crushing (wood shredders), drying (wood drying machines), injection and other processing methods.
  Wood processing is based on wood as raw material, mainly by mechanical or chemical methods of processing, and its products still maintain the basic characteristics of wood. In the timber industry, the wood processing industry and the forest chemical processing are the same as the follow-up industry of forest cutting and transportation, which is an important department of comprehensive utilization of timber resources.
  History of Wood Processing:
  China has already started the history of wood processing in the very early days, and China in the stone age to stone for the edge, ripple for the boat; bronze era, appeared saw blade of the prototype; Spring and Autumn period phase to pass Lu Ban invented ink, tool. Qin and Han dynasties, the types of woodworking tools more, as follows: chisel repeatedly invented. Jia Wei in the Northern Wei Dynasty in the "Qi Min Yao Shu" in the processing and use of wood are discussed. Along the Tang, Song, has been used sawing, air dry, stitching, encapsulation and other more complex technology to create wooden pillars, and have improved the stability of the wood structure of the cooking and drying methods, as well as wedge, leaving seam technology. Ming Dynasty furniture with its sophisticated structure, simple and famous shape.

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