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Four types of plywood

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  Plywood from the wood section cut into veneer or cut by the wooden side chopped into thin wood, and then made of adhesive glue, and its many types of products, the application of the major industries is also very extensive and complex. In order to rational use of forest resources to develop plywood production, China developed the national standard according to the use of adhesive pull, the plywood is divided into four types, and for their respective application of the division.
  1, the general use of plywood: for packaging, pad and other uses;
  2, veneer decorative plywood: for construction, furniture, vehicles, ships and other high-level decorative materials;
  3, finishing with plywood: for the surface needs to paint transparent paint furniture, sewing machine platen and a variety of electrical appliances and other products;
  4, decorative plywood: for construction, furniture, vehicles and ship decoration materials.

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